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Magdalen Braden

Magdalen Braden

I write contemporary romances – books about a fictional Philadelphia legal community. My lawyers are smart, funny, fair and able to fall in love. Technically, I’m not writing paranormal romances but I can see how someone could get confused!

I know what it looks like:  Former lawyer decides to write romance novels.

To be honest, it was the other way around:  Failed romance writer needed a paying job; went to law school.

I had to make it hard on myself. The good news is that I while I hated being a lawyer, I adore the law. That’s given me something to write about. I dream up smart compassionate lawyers, give them a chance to be happy and then put obstacles in their way. I love watching them puzzle their way through the maze…



Of course, I needed to learn how to write a good novel. So I got an MFA from Stonecoast, the low residency creative writing program at the University of Southern Maine. I worked with incredible writers, including Julia Spencer-Fleming, Elizabeth Searle, Scott Wolven, and Michael Kimball. I kept writing through those two years, but it’s nice now to dedicate all my time to my characters.

I live with my exceptional British husband, Ross, aka Crossword Man.  We have two cats and a dog in a 200+ year-old house on 24 acres in Northeast Pennsylvania.  We call this place Harmony.

I’d love to hear from you — you can contact me here.


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