In The Blackjack Quartet series of contemporary romance novels, I write about lawyers, judges, law students, paralegals … an entire fictional Philadelphia legal community. Here are the available books, with the most recent first:


Following His LeadRead now: Amazon | B & Nicon

Fiona Wheeler has built a career as a math tutor. Her resolve to remain professional is shaken when Aarón Gabriel looks at her that way. She’s attracted to the divorced man—he’s beyond sexy!—but it would be wildly inappropriate to date him. Then he asks her to dance…

With a busy law practice and a teenage daughter to raise, Aarón has no interest in dating. Then he sees Fiona, a gorgeous woman he wants in his arms. Will she let him lead her off the dance floor and into his bed?

BLACKJACK & MOONLIGHT (The Blackjack Quartet #3)

Blackjack and Moonlight

Read now: Amazon | B & Nicon

Jack “Blackjack” McIntyre, Philly’s superhero judge, meets his match when Elise Carroll appears. Trouble is, she’s a lawyer in his courtroom. Stating his feelings for the court record isn’t the way to start a relationship… particularly with a woman who thinks “love at first sight” is as real as the tooth fairy.

Elise wants nothing to do with Blackjack’s potent charm and alleged romantic feelings. Still, men leave when they’ve gotten what they want … and they all want sex. So she offers to skip the candlelit dinners and go straight upstairs to unwrap him like a birthday present.

Jack and Elise negotiate a deal—they’ll alternate his romantic dates with her “sex only” dates. The contract works … until both of them get more than they bargained for. As Jack puts it, “falling in love isn’t for the faint of heart!” Can two legal eagles make this relationship work?

Blackjack & Moonlight has been nominated for a 2014 RT Award and was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America® (RWA) 2012 Golden Heart® contest.

THE COST OF HAPPINESS (The Blackjack Quartet #2)

The Cost of Happiness by Magdalen BradenRead now: Amazon | B & Nicon

Meghan Mattson quit law school to pay the fine from her mother’s scam. She’s unappreciated as a paralegal in a law firm when Dan Howard joins as a partner…and her boss. Maybe it’s his experience at the US Attorney’s office, but Dan seems thrilled to have her helping him on a tricky defense. At first she’s just happy to be thinking like a lawyer again, then gradually she realizes Dan also makes her heart sing.

For Dan, smart is sexy, which means Meghan is smoking hot. Dan hasn’t felt this way about a woman since law school. His professional respect for her mind leads to a powerful physical attraction that ignites when they have to travel together. As their affair flourishes, Dan knows he wants a future with Meghan. But before he can convince her to trust him, he has to deal with his past…and hers.


LOVE IN REALITY (The Blackjack Quartet #1)

Love in Reality by Magdalen BradenRead now: Amazon | B & Nicon

Rand Jennings casts a cute Philadelphia bartender for The Fishbowl, the reality TV show he produces. He plans to coach her on how to act “ditzy” for the show when he knows she’s actually quite bright. It’s all part of his plan to fool his boss and write a “Devil Wears Prada” screenplay about reality TV.

What he doesn’t know is that “Lissa-the-bartender” is actually Libby-the-law-student pretending to be her twin. Libby Pembroke figured she’d take her sister’s place at the bar just until the summer when Libby has a plum legal job lined up. When that associate position dies in the crappy economy, she agrees to be a “Fish” on The Fishbowl. It doesn’t hurt that the producer is so cute.

Rand finds ways to spend time with the cute bartender, whose performance on the show is surpassed by her honesty in his arms. In the end, though, the two have a lot of secrets between them and the happiness they want.

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