Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is your next book coming out?

We’re planning to release the next book in the Blackjack Quartet at the end of May. It is Jack & Elise’s romance, Blackjack & Moonlight. That’s the story that allowed me to final in the Golden Heart ® contest in 2012, and I have to admit it: it’s my favorite.

Q. How can I get in touch with you?

Please use my contact page. I love to hear from readers and answer emails as promptly as possible.

Q. Why is your series called the “Blackjack Quartet”?

All four books have a connection to Jack McIntyre, the once-and-former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. He appears in all four stories, so he got to have the quartet named after him. LOL (To find out why he’s called “Blackjack” you will have to read his romance, Blackjack & Moonlight.)

Q. Do I need to read your books in any particular order?

Not at all. Each one is a free-standing story that doesn’t rely on any other book. However, they are chronologically linked, so the action in the first book, Love in Reality, happens a tiny bit before the second book, The Cost of Happiness, starts. Also, each book has a slightly different flavor. Book One is “the Funny One,” Book Two, “The Angsty One,” Book Three (Blackjack’s story) is “The Sexy One” and Book Four is “The Romantic One.” Maybe you only want to read the Angsty One. That’s perfectly fine.

Still, I’m a lifelong romance reader. I know that if I start a book that isn’t the first one in which a main character appears, I have to read the first one first. So, for all you “completists,” read them in this order: Love in Reality first, then The Cost of Happiness, Blackjack & Moonlight, and Lost and Found is last.

But you don’t have to. LOL

Q. Why do you write about Philadelphia lawyers?

I used to be a Philadelphia lawyer. I love the law, which is like a foreign language. I loved watching really gifted lawyers (a group that didn’t include me, LOL) untwist the puzzles they faced. And I have a real respect for people who are good at their jobs, whether it’s the law, medicine, engineering, teaching, or running a business. It just happens that I only have experience with the law. Write what you know, right?

Q. How can I sample your writing?

Most retailers that sell my books allow you to read the start of each book for free. You can also find long excerpts from each book on the Blackjack Quartet series site.

Q. Where can I find out more about the places, books and movies mentioned in your stories

The Blackjack Quartet series site has lists of the cultural references for each book as it’s published. Ross, my husband and publisher, prepares these tidbits, and they’re good fun. We also have some funny material on the (fake) legal gossip website,, and the (fake) website for my fictional law firm, Fergusson & Leith.

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